Cyber Security: What Entrepreneurs Need to Know

             As a small business owner, cyber security may not be at the top your your list. From everyday operations to long term planning, there is always something that takes precedent over making sure your online information is protected. But, protecting yourself and your business online can be an important part of protecting the hard work you have put into your business and your assets online and offline.

Just like you would lock up that the end of the night, there are steps that can be taken by you and your employees to protect yourself online. Here are the some easy steps that any small business owner can implement to protect themselves and their business.

**The checklist below is not exhaustive but it is an outline of the most basic protection strategies.

· Set-up a password protected network and ensure it is secure.

· Install anti-malware on all devices to prevent bugs

· Check all credit card processing and be sure to comply with all rule regarding processing credit card payments

· Give each employee an individual login for any given system

· Change all default passwords to something more secure

· Educate your staff of proper cyber security and implement reasonable policies for the use of social media and mobile devices at work

These simple steps will provide your small business an extra level of security that can protect from cyber attacks. It is also recommended that small businesses hire a cyber security expert to evaluate weaknesses in protection and suggest remedies.

Sunbelt Business Brokers has recently formed a partnership with the online deal management platform, CapLinked. This platform is known for not only it’s incredible sharing features but it’s extensive security measures meant to ensure privacy and security at every level. “One of the big selling points for us was CapLinked’s demonstrated success in this space and we look to capitalizing on their experience while molding their product to our brand. We are very pleased that we can offer this professional enhancement as the Sunbelt standard,” stated Kelci Cotter, Brand Manager for Sunbelt. “CapLinked is thrilled to be partnering with Sunbelt,” said CapLinked CEO Eric M. Jackson. “Whether it’s for Wall Street or Main Street, our software helps accelerate the process for closing deals. We’re excited to make our technology available to Sunbelt for the benefit of the thousands of small and medium-sized business owners across America that they represent.”

CapLinked delivers powerful and customizable solutions to professionals managing complex business transactions in a number of industries. Their suite of solutions allows involved parties to communicate and exchange data in a secure and confidential workspace. All actions are tracked, resulting in quicker due diligence and simplified workflows. The new partnership will roll-out CapLinked’s services to nearly 100 nationwide Sunbelt offices.



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