Selling a Successful Business: Why Going Out On Top Isn’t Bad Business At All

           A lot of business buyers ask why anyone with a successful business would want to sell it.

When buying a business, any good buyer or broker will be able to get to the bottom of their potential buy and find out the truth about its success.  Too often, though, buyers are weary of businesses that are for sale and still extremely successful.

They think, “Why would anyone want to quit when they’re on top? Surely, there must be something wrong with the business that they’re not disclosing.”

And while that may be the case, in almost all instances, the owner truly is prepared to sell his or her success.

To a new business owner or someone new to business brokerage, selling a successful business can be a hard concept to grasp.  Afterall, we’re all looking to buy businesses in hopes that they succeed, gaining you income, independence, and fulfillment. Why would anyone pass that up.

Well, there can be several reasons and a myriad of other personal reasons we may not know about, such as:

Change in life: Business owners are just like you and me.  They go through tough personal matters, like divorce, death of a loved one, or the stress of welcoming a new baby.   Owning a business takes a lot of time, energy, and effort, and if your emotions are occupied elsewhere, it could be time to sell – regardless of the business’ success.

Entrepreneurial spirit:  Entrepreneurs are a special kind of person. They’re constantly taking on new challenges, learning new skills, and eyeing up situations from new perspectives.  It could frankly be that the owner has done all he or she can for the business and is hungry for a new challenge.  In fact, it’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs to own more than one business in their lifetime.

Reaching their goal:  Selling their business at its height may have been their objective this entire time.  If you’re someone who looks at your new business adventure in the long term, such as a business you can pass onto your family, then this can be a hard concept to grasp.  However, some business buyers purchase businesses just for the investment.  At its peak, a business is prime for the market.



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