Social Media Optimization Tips for Your Small Business

†††††††††††† Itís easy for a small business to get lost in the social media whirlwind of constant tweets, updates, news stories, photos, bookmarks, and hashtags swirling around the web. Search engine optimization (SEO) can help generate web traffic from a ranking in a search engine, but that doesnít mean that your site will catch a searcherís interest or convert the visitor into a fan. The conversion process is largely due to social media optimization, building and improving your web presence on all platforms to engage and keep your audienceís interest.

You can boost the success of your small business through these social media optimization tips:

1. Landing Page - A landing page is quite possibly the first impression a customer will ever have of your product or service, whether it be on a website or Facebook. Your landing page should spark interest ďabove the fold,Ē meaning before you scroll down. Simplify and clarify titles and subtitles. Remove extraneous links. Make sure all copy is concise and easy to read, avoiding fancy fonts and flashy colors.

2. Sharable Content - Donít just update the World Wide Web on your product or service offerings; go beyond that and offer viewers a laugh or inspirational quote, too. Social media optimization relies on utilizing your creativity just as much as your marketing skills. Create content that followers will want to share, because they can relate or were amused.

3. User Testing - If you have a website, have you tested it on other web browsers and mobile devices? Pages, links, etc., may all look and function differently depending on the platform. Itís important to be aware of your best social media ďangles.Ē

4. Affiliates/Partnerships - Driving more traffic to your site through SEO content is definitely one route for social media optimization, but another is through partnerships and affiliates. Networking is now virtual. Work out a deal with associated products or services to link between your websites, social pages, twitter feeds, etc.

5. Sweepstakes - Free! Free! Free! No single word inspires more fan participation in the quest for social media optimization. A share or like is definitely worth a free meal at a local restaurant or a new TV, and the investment is miniscule.

6. Breaking News - A news feed on a webpage or even a newsletter can allow fans to stay up-to-date with upcoming events, sales, or anything else that might inspire engagement and interest.

7. Brand Loyalty/Privileges - The second most difficult conversion of social media optimization is converting a customer to a repeat customer. Loyalty programs offer an incentive for customers to return again (as opposed to trying out the competitor), such as coupons or a customer status that provides a higher priority, free shipping, etc.

Social media optimization can help your small business break away from the pack and establish itself as a dominant force in your specific industry. Start with strong SEO content and follow up with our social media optimization tips to help convert leads to fans, fans to customers, and customers to return customers.

The world of social media is flooded, so growing your following and converting new customers through optimization isnít easy. Sometimes, jumping into an established business can reduce this initial effort. Sunbelt Business Brokers provides professional support to guide your company into a new chapter, either by selling or buying a business. Search for your new business venture today!



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