Starting a Franchise: How Branding and Consistency Will Aid Expansion

           Do you have a great idea for a business? How about a consumer goods retailer? Or a food truck? These great business ideas have led to thousands of entrepreneurs building successful, family run businesses to pass from generation to generation. But what happens when the next generation is not as interested in the family business? Or even better, what if you’re seeing so much success you want to expand the reach of an existing business idea?

The expansion of small businesses has led to some of the most successful companies today including Anytime Fitness, Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches and H&R Block. So, what do all three of these companies have in common? They are all franchised businesses that have found immense success using that business model. When starting a franchise, branding and consistency become key factors for success.

As franchises expand and become more well known, return customers may wish to try new locations. This is where consistency and branding come into play. Say a customer visits your first franchised sandwich shop and find none of their favorites are on the menu, the place looks different and the only similarity seems to be the name of the business. You can imagine what a confusing experience this may be. The beauty of franchising is that the structure is very standard, giving guests, clients and customers the comfortable feeling of familiarity and expectations that can be met each time they visit a different location. Maintaining the quality control and consistency across a franchise network can be a challenge, but it is a necessary one when it comes to the customer experience.



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